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Florida has a complex body of laws that regulates the administration of trusts in legal proceedings. You need a knowledgeable attorney to help you through this process to avoid extensive costs and lengthy delays before your trust is properly distributed to its rightful beneficiaries. At Westchase Law P.A., our trust administration attorneys are dedicated to swiftly executing your trust as it was originally intended. We have provided proficient trust administration to clients throughout Tampa, Florida since 2002.

What is the role of a trust administrator?

A trust administrator is the person or organization that is tasked with the job of managing a trust. This involves staying organized and filing all of the proper paperwork. Once the grantor passes away, the trust administrator must do the following:

  • Get death certificates
  • File the will with the probate court
  • Notify the Social Security Administration of the death
  • Identify and notify the beneficiaries
  • Protect trust property
  • Get assets appraised
  • Pay debts
  • Oversee asset distribution

The main role of the administrator is to ensure that the grantor’s wishes are upheld upon their death. If another beneficiary thinks the administrator is abusing their power, they may contest the trust. For help with administrating or litigating a trust, turn to a determined attorney at our firm.

Trust administration disputes

People do not always respect trusts and estates as they have been established. Unintended beneficiaries often try to dispute trusts to establish or increase their share of the assets. Trusts can be terminated by courts for fraud, undue influence or duress. It is also possible for the court to amend a trust to avoid unintentional consequences. These proceedings generally resolve within several weeks because there is not much evidentiary discovery involved in the allegations. We protect your trust by ensuring it is properly executed and recorded so your assets go to the intended beneficiaries.

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At Westchase Law P.A., we carefully plan trust and estate strategies, and execute those strategies on your behalf, so you have peace of mind. Call us at 813-563-1491 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation today.

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